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The benefits of having a corporate bank account in Georgia, Tbilisi

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In Georgia, A multi-currency account is available in USD, EUR, GPB, and CHF among others

You will be offered one account in many different currencies. The USD and EUR are the most commonly used currencies.

Company Mastercard and Visa cards

A TBC or Bank of Georgia account comes with a corporate debit card that can be prepaid or linked directly to one of your accounts in different currencies.

It is possible to open a bank account without visiting Georgia

There aren’t many countries like Georgia where you can open an account remotely with a power of attorney.

Advanced Internet banking services

Almost all banks have their own apps or web portals for business clients. In fact, TBC and Bank of Georgia have been named the banks with the best business internet banking.

Special rates for foreign currency exchange

Online banking brings with it a very attractive rate for currency exchange. Just write to the bank to receive a special rate.

For more details about opening a bank account in Georgia or close it, you may contact our agentscompany formation in Georgia and open a bank account with our Business Legal advisors in Georgia.

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