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Georgia Cryptocurrency Solutions in 2022

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Georgia Cryptocurrency Solutions in 2022: Because of the lucrative taxation regime and lack of regulatory constraints towards cryptocurrencies, Georgian resident companies offer convenient the location amidst global crypto-business uncertainty.

Advantages for crypto businesses in Georgia

Disadvantages for crypto businesses in Georgia

Georgia does not impose regulatory restrictions on cryptocurrency trading and does not have dedicated legislation.

As such, both traders, miners and exchanges can operate freely when registered in the country;

Georgia imposes a low corporate tax of 15% on worldwide distributed income;

Similarly to the popular Estonian tax regime, re-invested profits are fully tax-exempt if no dividends are distributed during the year;

Cheap utility costs made Georgia the third-largest country by bitcoins mined after China and Venezuela;

There is no VAT payable on crypto arbitrage, trade operations nor sales of computing (hash) power involved in bitcoin mining operations.

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