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Steps for Opening a Corporate Bank Account in Georgia

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Corporate bank account opening process in Georgia Tbilisi

Step – Compliance With Bank Requirements

Georgian banks will request proof of economic substance in Georgia. So, to facilitate the opening process and ensure the longevity of your bank account, you first need to build up an economic presence in Georgia.

Step – Opening Process

If you are coming to Georgia in person, you will need to go bring your company documents and passport to the bank. The opening process is quite straightforward, and two days are enough to get you fully functioning internet banking, a DigiPass for transaction authorization, and company debit cards. As mentioned before, you can also open a bank account remotely, for which you must obtain power of attorney and send it to Tbilisi.

Step – Proper Communication with The Bank

Once your account is up and running, you need to build a good relationship with the bank, something achieved through good communication. Banks will have questions regarding your transactions. You must answer quickly, honestly, and concisely. Don’t be surprised if banks ask for documents connected to this or that transaction. Opening an account in a bank is easier than keeping it open.

For more details about opening a bank account in Georgia or close it, you may contact our agents‘ company formation in Georgia and open a bank account with our Business Legal advisors in Georgia.

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