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Corporate bank account

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Corporate bank account opening in Tbilisi Georgia

The corporate bank accounts in Georgia can deal with Forex, affiliation as well as other business activities. Through the corporate account, you can process a commercial transaction which includes bank transfers, debit, and credit transactions internationally. In short, opening corporate accounts in Georgia is a very simple task for companies that are registered in Georgia.

There is a possibility of online services as well. A corporate bank account can be open remotely. The remote banking system involves internet banking, mobile banking, SMS banking, online payment, standing order, and direct debit. Once the account is open, it can be checked, processed, and operated accordingly via online banking or SMS services. It is very simple to open a corporate bank account in Georgia.

Different banks require different documents for account creation.

Below is the general list of documents required:

  • Copy of passports or Identity (ID) cards of directors and shareholders;
  • Copy of Memorandum & Article of Association;
  • Copy of Certificate of incorporation issued by Georgian Trade Register
  • Specimen signatures of directors;
  • Certificate of good standing in the market;
  • Trade register extract;
  • Bank forms.

Additional documents for the corporate bank account in Georgia:

  • Certified copy which states that the branch is registered in the country;
  • The proof of trade/business activities or the personal identification documents.

For more details about opening a bank account in Georgia or close it, you may contact our agents‘ company formation in Georgia and open a bank account with our Business Legal advisors in Georgia.

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