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Opening of corporate accounts in the banks of Georgia

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Open a corporate account in Tbilisi Georgia

A corporate account is a leading bank of Georgia is a profitable and practical offer for a foreign investor who decides to register a company under local jurisdiction. At the moment, the possibility of opening a bank account in Georgia attracts more and more people. The stability of the banking system, non-resident banking, and high-quality account services are a number of advantages for which attention should be paid to the banking sector of the country.

In addition, Georgia is not a member of the system of automatic exchange of tax information, which is very important for non-residents who want to ensure a high level of confidentiality of their finances.

A corporate account is the mandatory attribute of a company registered in Georgia. A bank account opened for a Georgian company is required for settlements with counterparties, as well as for depositing and withdrawing cash, transfer to personal accounts opened with other Georgian or foreign banks.

Having a company and a bank account in one country is a great advantage.

For more details about opening a bank account in Georgia or close it, you may contact our agents‘ company formation in Georgia and open a bank account with our Business Legal advisors in Georgia.

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