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Legal Forms of Enterprises in Georgia

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Legal Forms of Enterprises in Georgia Tbilisi

The Law of Georgia on Entrepreneurs sets forth an exhaustive list of enterprises that can be established in Georgia and they are here as follows:

The regulations contained in the Law of Georgia on Entrepreneurs equally apply to foreign and local companies. Therefore, foreign nationals are eligible to incorporate legal entities enlisted herein, considering the absence of any applicable legal limitation.

General Rules Applicable to All Types of Business Entities 

Registering Authority – The registration of companies is conducted by the LEPL National Agency of the Public Registry operating within the Ministry of Justice of Georgia. Once the registration process is duly performed the Public Registry shall issue a corporate extract indicating the identification data of the company. All and any document submitted before the Public Registry in course of the registration process is publicly available.

Charter a company registered under the laws of Georgia must have its Charter containing the identification data of the company and rules governing the corporate structure. The Charter must be

presented to the Public Registry for the registration purposes and should be maintained at the company itself. Stipulated that the Charter of the company is publicly available, the founders of the company may

additionally, conclude the Shareholders Agreement articulating the details of corporate management and operation of the company. The founders are not obliged to submit the Shareholders’ Agreement to the Public Registry and it is maintained at the company.

Charter Capital – Company does not have to indicate the amount of its Charter Capital in any of the documents submitted to the Public Registry.

Stamp Companies in Georgia are not required to maintain a stamp.

Apostille / Legalization – Please note that the documents executed in countries other than Georgia shall be notarized and legalized or apostilled1 in a manner duly applicable to the respective procedure.

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