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Important Notes On Virtual Zone IT

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IT Company taxes in Georgia. Updated 2021

Proper Work Plan
A Virtual Zone IT company in Georgia offers tremendous tax incentives. Your company pays only 5% tax on dividends.
However, without a proper working plan, taxes for your company may increase significantly. Services you purchase from abroad can increase your exposure to taxes by up to 33%. To avoid unpleasant surprises all you need is to get a proper working plan in advance. In other words, to get a proper consultation before starting a Georgian IT company.

Proper Banking Solution
Who needs a company without banking?! Georgian banks have become more difficult to deal with recently. They have become averse to client transactions not related to Georgia.
However, Georgia does allow companies to possess a foreign bank account as well as digital banking solutions. There are two primary issues that need to be resolved simultaneously for an IT virtual zone Georgia company:
Fast and reliable international transactions in different currencies.

Taxes paid in Georgia
Both issues can be resolved by using a combination of international and local banking services. Please contact us for a detailed consultation

Contact our legal advisors in Georgia. and we will help you register a business in Georgia online.

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