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Company registration in the Virtual IT Zone of Georgia

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Company registration in the Virtual IT Zone of Georgia 2021

If your activities are related to IT services and technologies, then you are very lucky. Georgia offers very attractive tax benefits for international IT business operators

Business register in Georgia Group provides the possibility of remote registration of a company in the virtual IT zone of Georgia, as well as the remote opening of bank accounts in leading banks of Georgia in just three days

Why us?

Our team has got long-term experience in registering companies in the virtual IT zone

We provide comprehensive services that include not only remote registration of companies, opening bank accounts with leading banks in Georgia but also ensuring full coordination of projects of any complexity and the realization of your interests in compliance with the conditions of various projects

We ensure the maintenance of monthly accounting for your company, which, according to the law, is a prerequisite for using the status of a virtual IT zone

We are not intermediaries, so the costs associated with setting up your business and carrying out related operations are the most competitive in the market

The process of renewal of the Company is carried out by us completely free of charge

In the process of operating a company, we fully provide consultations on various issues that are important to you

Contact our legal advisors in Georgia. and we will help you register a business in Georgia online.

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