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Open a Company in Georgia

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Open a Company in Tbilisi Georgia 2021

Open a Company in Georgia: Georgia provides a set of advantages for starting a business. At a global level, Georgia stands out as one of the countries with the simplest registration procedures; at the same time, the registration of a Georgian business has very low fees, this being an advantage when investing in a foreign country.

Even if the registration of a company is based on simple principles, it is highly advisable to request the representation of local specialists in company formation, considering that there can be language barriers. In this sense, our company  “Business Register Georgia” advises lawyersprovides legal services, designed to cover all the aspects concerning the registration of a local business for foreign investors who want to start a company in Georgia.

Business Register Georgia” advises lawyers are based in Tbilisi, the country’s capital city, and has experience of 14 years in the field of company formation; its specialists are focused on offering high-quality services and currently, “Business Register Georgia” advises lawyers provides a wide range of services, as follows: legal services (in branches of law such as civil law, insurance law, business licenses, and permits or intellectual property law)  and company formation services (legal advice on choosing a suitable business form, assistance in incorporating any of the company types available under the Georgian legislation), etc. Besides these basic services, investors can rely on professional advice for immigration matters (applying for a residence permit or obtaining Georgian citizenship), real estate services (legal assistance in drafting specific real estate contracts), or accounting services (preparing the company’s financial statements or implementing the accounting procedures available here).

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