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Documents Required and to Open a Branch Office in Georgia

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Documents Required and to Open a Branch Office in Georgia

Application form for Branch Office Establishment.

Legal Passport of interested Person. In case the procedure is done remotely, legalized/apostilled Passport with Power of Attorney to act on behalf of interested person.

A copy of your identity document of an Enterprise or a foreign (non-commercial) legal entity under the laws of certified/legalized foundation documentation/registration document Certified in accordance with the data of the founders of the enterprise or non-profit (commercial) legal entity and its leadership;

Authorized person ‘s decision to establish a branch Certified in accordance with the legislation, subject to the branch / representative office or the appointment of the head of the executive authority of the person granting the power of attorney;

A decision on the appointment of a head of branch/representation or on granting the authority for representation by proxy, certified in accordance with Georgian legislation; 

Consent of a branch Director on the relevant duty.

Registration Steps

Step 1 Business Register Georgia Legal

Supply head office with the draft registration documents.


Step 2 Head Office

Complete the draft registration documents and send them to Business Register Georgia legal for review

Step 3 Business Register Georgia Legal

Review and approval of the draft registration documents

Step 4 Head Office

Signing, notarization, and apostille or legalization of the registration documents

Step 5 Business Register Georgia Legal

Georgian translation, notarization of the registration documents and submission to the Public Registry

Step 6 Business Register Georgia Leal

Completion of registration by the Public Registry

Furthermore, the investors will also need to open a corporate bank account for the branch office operating in Georgia, which can be set up in the local currency or any other foreign currency. In this situation, the representatives of the parent company need to provide documents that attest to the fact that the beneficial owners hold at least 25% of the capital of the legal entity.

If you want to open a branch in Georgia or you are interested in exploring other available business options, please contact our team who can offer consultancy services on any matter related to the registration of a business in this country. 

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