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Business in Tbilisi Georgia

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Business in Tbilisi Georgia 2021

Business in Tbilisi Georgia: According to the World Bank Group rankings Georgia is in the top 10 in the Ease of Doing Business. Meanwhile, the country is known for its business-friendly environment. Starting a business in Georgia tends to seem interesting for foreign investors

How do I start a business in Tbilisi?

Let us know your business name, information about shareholders and directors, your email and telephone number. Let us know you will become out physically to visit Georgia or will be work remotely? If You will come out physically visit in Georgia in advance will make an appointment with all authority bodies and in advance, we will prepare your company constitutional documentation, for your arrival day we will be ready to register business in Georgia. All steps need 3 business working day including the opening a business account in Georgia.

If we will work remotely by Power of Attorney let us know your home country and we will let you know which steps need to verify your signature with Power of Attorney. Contact our legal advisors in Georgia and we will help you register a business in Georgia online.

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