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What are the main incorporation aspects related to the Georgian LLC?

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Open LLC in Georgia Tbilisi 2021

The capital of the limited liability company opened in Georgia is divided into shares and the responsibility of each member is limited to the value of his/her shares. The shares of the company can be transferred and the members have the right to leave them as an inheritance. If a member of the company owns a single share, that share can’t be sold. At the same time, it is important to know that the entity registered as a limited liability company must add in its trading name the particle “LLC”, the abbreviation available for this legal entity.

Another important aspect referring to the limited liability company in Georgia is that this entity can be set up by an individual or by a legal entity who wants to start a company in Georgia. This is the most common business form registered in Georgia due to the liability of the shareholders, which is limited to the number of shares they own in the company. Each limited liability company is founded on a charter, which prescribes the internal regulations of the company.

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A limited liability company (LLC) in Georgia is a legal entity that can be set up by maximum of 50 shareholders and may be incorporated by at least one founder. This is the most popular type of legal entity preferred for incorporation by both local and foreign investors and our team of specialists in “Business Register Georgia” can offer in-depth assistance regarding the registration of this business form.

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