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How can a foreign businessman receive the right to invest in Georgia?

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Georgia is a business-friendly country, which has developed over the years its relations with other jurisdictions. Foreign businessmen who want to register a Georgian company in this country can apply for a business visa, provided that they will be able to invest a minimum amount of GEL 300,000. If this condition is satisfied, the businessman will receive a permanent residence permit, but prior to this, it is necessary to confirm the value of the investment by an auditor.

However, it is important to know that the procedure of company formation in Georgia for a foreign investor is not limited by the above-mentioned value, as lower investments can also be concluded, but in this case, the foreign applicant can only receive a permit issued for a period of one year. In this particular case, the foreigner must actively be involved in the operations of the business, by being an employee of his or her company.

Furthermore, the regulation is addressed to foreign persons who work as freelancers (through a sole trader), but they will have to provide a bank statement, confirming that they have sufficient financial funds to work and live in Georgia. Freelancers can apply for a C2 category visa, included in the Ordinary Visa type. Our team of specialists in “Business Register Georgia” can offer more details concerning these requirements.

Other types of visas that can be used by foreign businessmen are the Diplomatic Visa – A1 category visa and A5 visa, which can be used by investors when arriving in the country for a specific business purpose. Businessmen may also request an Ordinary Visa (C3 category visa, which is employed when arriving in Georgia for business negotiations, workshops, and other similar short-term corporate events).

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