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Purchase a Company in Georgia

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Purchase a Company in Georgia Tbilisi

Shelf companies in Georgia in order to avoid the time required to process all the incorporation requirements, investors can purchase a company which has already been incorporated. Besides the time saved in this sense, the investors will only have to complete a sale/purchase contract, which will state the change of ownership.  It is important to know that the investors will also be allowed to change the company’s business activities, as well as its trading name. Although the businessmen will not have to follow the procedure of company registration in Georgia, they will need to announce the local authorities on the main changes completed after the purchase.

Most of the shelf companies available for purchase in Georgia are registered as limited liability companies, due to their set of advantages. As an example, a limited liability company will only need one shareholder and one director – who does not have to be a Georgian resident.  

For more details on how to purchase a company here, as well as on the costs involved in this procedure you may contact our agents‘ Business register Georgia lawyers in Georgia.

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