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Legal Services in Georgia Tbilisi

Legal Services in Georgia: Foreign investors who are interested in investing in Georgia should first study the legal background available here in order to verify which the main conditions applicable to them are for the company formation procedure, as well as for other corporate legal aspects, such as the taxation system imposed here or the conditions related to the minimum share capital applicable for each type of legal entity provided under the local legislation. Our law firm in Georgia can offer more details on the main legal services available for foreign investors.

Foreign citizens and investors coming to Georgia can benefit from support from our lawyers depending on their needs and requests. Through a wide range of legal services in Georgia, our attorneys can help in a variety of matters starting with buying real estate and registering various types of businesses.

Below, we present some of the legal services available in Georgia. No matter the type of service you need, our lawyers are at your disposal for professional advice.

Services provided by our law firm in Georgia

In order to come to the help of our clients, we have gathered a team made of professional in various fields so that we can cover as many legal areas as possible. These are the main legal services you can obtain in Georgia with us:

  • assistance in various types of civil matters, such as relocating to Georgia and obtaining various types of residence permits;
  • assistance in setting up a business in Georgia and registering it under the provisions of this country’s legislation;
  • guidance in obtaining various types of permits and licenses for companies established here;
  • assistance in various tax legislation matters, such as tax planning and tax minimization;
  • assistance in buying real estate property in Georgia as a natural person and as foreign legal entity;
  • assistance in various Employment Law matters, such as hiring and dismissing employees.

If there are any services that have not been mentioned above, do not hesitate to talk to our lawyers in Georgia about the kind of support you need.

Assistance in buying real estate in Georgia

Buying a property in Georgia is not complicated, however, in order to avoid misunderstandings many foreign citizens ask for legal support. Over time, our attorneys in Georgia have helped many citizens from other countries in preparing the necessary documents for purchasing various types of real estate.

Our legal services related to the purchase of properties in Georgia include real estate due diligence procedures, drafting and reviewing sale-purchase agreements and assistance throughout the purchase proceedings. We can also assist with the registration of the property with the Land Register in Georgia.

Legal services for obtaining residence in Georgia

Georgia is an appealing immigration destination because of its location in Europe, of the low cost of life and investment opportunities, thus covering all the needs of investors and simple citizens seeking to work here.

Through our legal services in Georgia, foreign citizens can apply for temporary and permanent residence permits. Here are the main types of temporary residence permits one can obtain in Georgia:

  • employment residence visas which can be obtained by those who want work or become shareholders or directors of companies in Georgia;
  • family reunification residence permits issued to spouses, children and parents of Georgian residents;
  • short-term residence permits which are issued to foreign citizens entitled to real estate ownership in Georgia;
  • student residence permits to foreign citizens enrolled with authorized universities and educational institutions.

Then, there is the permanent residence permit which can be obtained by investment or to foreign citizens who have lived in Georgia for the minimum period provided by the law.

No matter the type of residence permit one wants to apply for, our “Business Register Georgia” lawyers can support them.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Georgia, the issuance of residence permits is made under the following conditions:

  • short-term residence permits are issued for a minimum period of 1 year with an extension possibility;
  • permanent residence permits are issued after 6 years of legally living in Georgia;
  • investment residence permits are also available for those investing the equivalent of 300,000 USD in Georgia;
  • Georgian citizenship can be obtained after living for 10 uninterrupted years in this country;
  • a residence permits is generally issued within 30 days after filing all the necessary documents.

Company formation in Georgia 

Businessmen who want to open a company in Georgia have to meet all the requirements imposed by the local authorities in terms of capital, number of shareholders, taxation and many others. This is performed in accordance with the legal entity of the company. 

The aspects related to opening a company in Georgia can vary from very simple requirements – applicable in the case of a sole trader, which is the simplest business form in which the investor carries business activities in his or her own name, to more complex requirements, applicable to the limited liability company or to a general partnership. Our team of lawyers in Georgia can assist businessmen in any matter related to the incorporation of a business here.

Purchase a company in Georgia

Another way to access the business environment available in Georgia is by buying a company here. Investors can purchase a shelf-company, which is a ready-made company available for sale. Its main advantage refers to the fact that the business activities can be started immediately after the purchase and this procedure lasts only one-two days.

Company liquidation in Georgia 

In order to close a company, the investor will be required to respect specific procedures imposed by the Georgian legislation. These are applicable regardless if the company is being shut down due to financial difficulties or because the investor is no longer interested to participate in the respective business.

Taxation of companies in Georgia 

Companies operating in Georgia are taxed for their income incurred in this country. The corporate tax is imposed at a rate of 15% and this is applicable to all business forms available here, except for the sole trader, which is taxed based on the personal taxation income, as this structure is not considered a different entity than the investor. Businessmen are invited to contact our team of attorneys in Georgia for more in-depth details related to the legal services referring to the commercial legislation.

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