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Tax-free IT Business Registration- Virtual Zone Georgia Having an IT business?

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Tax-free IT Business Registration- Virtual Zone Georgia Having an IT business?: Not sure how to set up your company to benefit from taxation? Your company is 100% digital and virtual? Do you struggle with taxes? Stop It now! Reduce Taxes to Zero! In Georgia, you can do It.

There is a workaround in Georgia that can help you to reduce your taxes to Zero. Enjoy Having an IT
business and Paying no Taxes at all. NO VAT and even not PROFIT TAX. Setting up your company
in Georgia is pretty easy whilst the money you can save after is tremendous. Let me introduce the
virtual zone status in Georgia, which grants you special taxation for your IT business. The true
benefit of virtual zone status is that you can claim it as a foreigner, without even visiting the country,
remotely. You do not have to be a resident in Georgia to be able to start a business or claim a
special taxation regime, such as virtual zone status.

If you are looking for the jurisdiction to incorporate IT or Online Business this blog might be for you.
In this video, I talk about special taxation in Georgia, Country for IT business – Virtual Zone Status in
Georgia. You should be aware that there are countries where it is easy to establish a company,
even remote services are available and allow you to benefit from the taxation regime as a foreigner.
What is the virtual zone status?

First thing first, what is virtual zone status all about? Why is it even interesting? Virtual Zone Status
is made to incentivize IT businesses in Georgia. This is the special taxation regime that allows the
Georgian LLCs to smoothen their taxes. AS far as you may be concerned, the corporate profit tax in
Georgia is 15%. Virtual Zone companies are corporate tax-free. This is a huge burden removal for IT
business. Everyone operating in Information Technology could benefit from this status. You do not
have to be a Georgian resident to establish a company in Georgia or claim this status. You can
actually claim the tax-free It zone status without even visiting the country. I have helped my clients in
this matter.

How to incorporate Tax-Free IT business remotely/online?

This procedure consists of few steps, I would say, few easy steps. If you are not willing to travel and
want to just benefit from tax-free IT business status, it’s absolutely possible to be done without even
leaving your country. Here are the steps that we foll0w to help our clients to incorporate tax-free IT
business online or remotely:
After confirming the deal we prepare the POA ( Power of attorney) for you.
You need to legalize or easier even, apostille this POA in your hometown together with the passport.
You need to send originals by post. That’s all from your side.
After receiving of the documents we translate and legalize them in Georgia once again.
We do the rest of the job. This includes incorporating Georgian LLC, registering with tax authorities,
and claiming the status.
If you think that you would benefit from this regime, from the virtual zones of Georgia, let us help you
with this. You are just 1 minute away from tax optimization. Feel this simple form and we will follow
up as soon as possible.

Contact our legal advisors in Georgia. and we will help you register a business in Georgia online.

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