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Foreign Bank Account

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Can be used by: Individual entrepreneur

You can legally continue to accept your Individual entrepreneur income to any foreign account.

However, it should be noted that, if you are accepting income to your foreign business account (if you already had a business registered abroad before registering in Georgia), then this can lead to a whole host of other tax issues, potentially, depending on the type of business. You can read more about the tax pitfalls of transacting through your foreign business while actively managing it from Georgia, here.

Assuming your foreign account is a personal account or an account linked to you as an individual and not to a legal entity you own, then the below information is worth considering.

You can accept business income to that account without any special rules or restrictions on the Georgian side – obviously, that income must be declared here if it is tax liable (Read more about foreign source income here) But tax liability for that income in the country where the bank account is held can vary. It’s worth discussing any tax implications with an adviser based in that country, especially if that country does not have a double tax treaty with Georgia.

It’s important to note that tax liability is never based on the location of remittance when it comes to Georgian taxation. It is based on the liability of the business or individual. This means that the mere fact that funds don’t arrive at a Georgian bank account is never a basis for these funds not being taxed.

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