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SOLO Bank Account in BOG or CONCEPT in TBC

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ank of Georgia and TBC Bank

SOLO Bank Account in BOG or CONCEPT in TBC: Apart from a universal bank account non-residents are eligible to open a premium banking account offered by two major banks in Tbilisi, Georgia (Bank of Georgia and TBC Bank). As a SOLO customer, you will enjoy special banking benefits:

  • Full-scale internet banking services.
  • Exclusive service from a dedicated manager.
  • No fee for remote banking services (Internet bank/Mobile bank/Email bank/SMS bank/Automatic payments/Standing orders).
  • No commission fee for cash withdrawal from any ATM across the world (SOLO Club) or 2% minimum 3 USD commission fee for cash withdrawal (Regular SOLO account).
  • Get a SOLO Premium Card free of charge without a service commission fee.
  • Get a loan and open a deposit under the best conditions.
  • Be offered new financial products, bonds, or other types of securities.
  • Get a Visa/MasterCard Gold card as a gift.
  • Get an American Express Gold credit card for a special price.
  • Get a PRIORITY PASS card and visit VIP lounges at more than 600 airports worldwide for USD 35, etc.
  • Also, you can become a SOLO CLUB member and share all your benefits with your family members.

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