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Individual Entrepreneur in Georgia. Updated 2021

Who Can Receive SMALL BUSINESS Status In Georgia?

  • Individuals from more than 90 countries who will spend at least 183 days living in Georgia
  • Individuals whose annual turnover does not exceed GEL 500,000 in two consecutive years

What If My Annual Turnover Exceeds GEL 500,000?

  • If your annual turnover exceeds this amount, your tax rate rises to 3% from the month you get more than GEL 500,000 turnover and continues until the end of the year.
  • For example, Your turnover exceeded GEL 500,000 in September 2021. Your tax rate becomes 3% from September till December 2021. Beginning in January 2022 you return to a 1% rate until turnover exceeds the limit again.

What Kind of Business Activities Are Allowed For SMALL BUSINESS Status Owners?

  • Marketing services
  • Cryptocurrency trading
  • Online trading
  • Intermediary services
  • Any other services that are not specified in prohibited activities

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