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Company liquidation in Georgia

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Company liquidation in Georgia Tbilisi

Company liquidation in Georgia: A company can lead to liquation due to many reasons. There are major steps to follow for the liquidation of a company in Georgia. Lack of knowledge regarding the process of company formation in Georgia is one of the main reasons to keep the process incomplete or delayed. This is where Charters can play a lead role to liquidate the company as per country rules and regulations.

A company may be liquidated in Georgia for multiple reasons:

the end of the company’s availability;

a court decision based on a request from a creditor;

if the laws are broken by the company;

if a decision is taken during a general meeting by the company’s members;

Also, a company may be liquidated very simply if it didn’t issue any shares or didn’t perform any commercial activity.

If the company did raise any shares and performed commercial activities, a liquidator is appointed to make all the necessary arrangements in order to liquidate the company established in Georgia.

Important information: you can Company liquidation in Georgia via Power of an Attorney (PoA)

For more details about setting up a company in Georgia or liquidating it, you may contact our Lawyers in BRG.

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